Saturday, January 23, 2010

Member of Kahwinmall ;) wink wink

Monday, January 18, 2010


we have varieties choices of filling.. so YUMMY!!

Choice of nuts:
i. Almond
ii. Hazel

i. Orange
ii. Strawberry
iii. Hazel
iv. Coffee

Friday, January 15, 2010

SWEETCHOCS PACKAGES - Choose your own selection!!

You can choose to wrap the special gift with a beautiful ribbon:

9 Cav: Additional RM2
15 Cav: Additional RM3
35 Cav: Additional RM4

Contact us for bulk order - special price :D small greeting card to complement the gift set
(for box of 9 cav., 12 cav., 15 cav. and 35 cav.)..

fyi: a. plain  b. coloured/nuts/flavour

Package 1 (1 Cav.) - Order min 20 boxes:
a. RM1.50 b. RM1.60

Package 2 (2 Cav.) - Order min 10 boxes:
a. RM2.60 b. RM2.80

Package 3 (3 Cav.) - Order min 7 boxes:
a. RM3.50 b. RM3.80

Package 4 (4 Cav.) - Order min 5 boxes:
a. RM4.40 b. 4.80

Package 5 (9 Cav.):
a. RM8.30 b. RM9.20

Package 6 (12 Cav.):
a. RM15.00 b. RM16.00

Package 7 (15 Cav.):
a. RM12.50 b. RM14.00

Package 8 (35 Cav.):
a. RM30.00 b. RM34.00

Monday, January 11, 2010


memang seronok bermain warna. hehe.. hanya perlu bersabar sedikit dan sedikit kreatif untuk memastikan kepelbagaian warna bercampur dengan menarik.. really interesting!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


examples of multi designs chocolates made from coverture chocolates. it so yummie, delicious and tasty!!! :D
multi designs lolichocs for any occasions especially for kids!! yahoooo!! 
beautiful colourful roses based on your request. it can also be solely natural choc colour (fantastic!!)